The experts at KP Computer Consultants are here to perform any task needed to make your PC run the way it's designed.

We provide services to both home users and small busineses. Contact us any time to setup a consultation.

Removal of Viruses, spyware and Adware

Viruses, spyware and adware can cause serious issues with your PC from identity theft, application crashes, sluggishness and lockups. If your PC feels like its slowing down chances are there is some spyware or adware. We use the latest software and troubleshooting skills to safely return your PC back to normal, safe operation again.

PC Back-up Service

We all use our computers for very important tasks, such as banking, records keeping etc. Any vital data should be backed up regularly and stored off site. We can custom tailor a backup plan and ensure the data is kept safe and secure. In some circumstances entire PC images are required and can be created which create a backup of the entire computer. In cases of hard disk failure, these backups can be used to restore your computer back to the exact working state today.

Network installation and configuration

KP Computer Consultants, Inc. can design and install a network to suit your needs. Whether you need a gigabit LAN for client server applications or wireless network setup. We can provide you the options to make the network reliable and secure.

Hardware upgrades

If your PC seems slow it could need some more memory, a faster hard drive or a more powerful video card. We can diagnose and upgrade any component to breathe new life into your PC. We are proud parnters with some of the biggest hardware vendors, which will allow us to provide you with the latest availble hardware.

Custom PC's

If hardware upgrades cannot not provide you with the speed you need. We can design a new PC for you. Whether you need a quad core gaming machine, a small form facter media center or somewhere in between, we can design a PC to meet your needs today and into the future.

Windows O/S Installations and Upgrades

Let us help you stay up to date with the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems. We can upgrade your current system, to retain programs and data, or wipe the machine clean and start fresh.

Social media marketing

Let us help your business grow with a strong online presence to grow your brand, engage with your customers and build a base of loyal customers.
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